Modify all hardware

Modify all hardware

Sometimes what you want to do can be very expensive or not exists on the market.S

So, some parts of this project, were purchased with the express purpose of changing them.

Situation that occurred …

for the switch. A light source with 12 switches would have been very long and ugly to see.

for the infrared PIR sensor. Those with an alarm contact, commercially had a high cost. So I have changed a very inexpensive sensor, obtain a optically isolated contact and also to supply power to it at 5V DC. (Note: it was 2008. Then in 2013 I found sensor that no had need to be modified and at lower cost).


and finally, the Reed switch. I wanted these to be very visible. To achieve this, I put a led in the each of them and I connected it to the home automation system that makes them blinking with different speeds in different situations.