Automation home with Arduino board

Automation home with Arduino board: Project description

A domotic home project is describe in this site.
Automate a home, a office or a factory is easy with this project.
The electronic cards presented, can be used individually for a variety of electronic device; from car anti-theft to intelligent robots.

In the page of this site you can find solution for your needs. You will find how…

1) change economic PIR sensors to equip them with a line output for your alarm or how to connect them to 5V;
2) modify switches;
3) create a input electronic card to be connected to Arduino Diecimila;
4) create a output electronic card to be connected to many relais;
5) communicate with Waveshield card to give sound capabilities to the domotic system;
6) use the ATMEGA328 with Arduino bootloader, without an Arduino diecimila card;

At this time the illustrated domotic system is active in a house.

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